Waikato Excellence Awards

The Waikato Excellence Awards were held on Thursday 21st September at the University of Waikato Gallagher Performing Arts Centre.  We were all humbled and honoured to hear about the 14 winners  from our Kiwi Can, Stars and Career Navigator programmes - how they help and support their schools, their communities, their whanau and their peers.  The winners inspire those around them to be the best they can be - so all our youth are connected and contributing members of our community.

You can view all the photos of the Excellence Awards on our Facebook page here.

Congratulations to all our 2017 winners :

Kiwi Can Champs :

Jet-Li Bennion, Tainui Full Primary School - Respect
Hayley Gage, Tainui Full Primary School - Positive Relationships
Hosea Mackey-Namana, Mangakino Area School - Resilience
Charntae Tangimataiti, David Henry School - Integrity

Stars :

Bailey Bell, Fairfield College - Outstanding Participation from a Stars Year 9 Student
Jessica Harries, Fairfield College - Rising Star Award
Teijana Turei, Tokoroa High School - Rising Star Award
Cory Gurr, Forest View High School - Rising Star Award
Meadow Jackson, Fairfield College - Excellence in Peer Mentoring
Monique Limmer, Tokoroa High School - Excellence in Peer Mentoring
Lahaina Solomon, Forest View High School - Excellence in Peer Mentoring

Career Navigator :

Paige Stimpson, Fairfield College - Excellence in Career Navigator
Kaha Head, Fraser High School - Excellence in Career Navigator

Thank you to Professor Bruce Clarkson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Research, University of Waikato who opened the evening and to our sponsors - University of Waikato, Oji Fibre Solutions, Genesis Energy Ltd, Ultrafast Fibre, KPMG, Harkness Henry, Generation Homes, Lodge Tawhiri, Whitfield Braun and Hamilton City Council.

You can read more about each of our winners below :

Kiwi Can Awards

Kiwi Can positively impacts young lives by teaching values and delivering fun filled learning to students every week.  The progress for our

tamariki in terms of personal growth, confidence, experiences and how they connect with others is equally as important as their academic success in order for them to become connected and contributing members of our community. 

These super stars of Kiwi Can have been actively involved and role model the Kiwi Can values.

Jet-Li Bennion, Tainui Full Primary School - Kiwi Can Champ for Respect

Sponsor Genesis Energy

Vonda Nepia, teacher at Tainui Full Primary, has great admiration for Jet-Li and her family witnessing both within the classroom and in the community, how they hold up the value of respect.

In class every day  Jet-Li consistently displays attributes of an honest, caring and helpful young lady. She is always willing to help around the classroom with little tasks and jobs which she completes well and with a smile on her face.  She has even volunteered to do the grubbiest job there is - the Cloak bay - which can get quite messy most days. 

Jet-Li is one of the tiniest students in the class however she has the bravest heart. She suffered with a heart condition and had surgery in earlier years but this does not deter her. She participates in all sporting activities and particularly excels in Tai Kwon do - a sporting discipline which complements and reinforces acts of respect. 

Jet-Li actively demonstrates respect every day at school and in the community. When she visited Colson's Hill, a Tokoroa landmark and local place of significance, with her whanau for a picnic they were greeted by a shameful amount of rubbish. Tourists were taking pictures of the wonderful views from Colson's Hill.  Embarrassed by the obvious lack of respect for our community, Jet-Li and her whanau picked up three bags of rubbish before returning home to eat their food. Showing respect to the environment ensures a cleaner planet and better place to live.  This act of respect in our community is a great example to youth and others.

The judges liked how Jet-Li shows respect in everything she does - when talking to other people, respect for the community, environment the whole lot - which came through strongly in her nomination.

Hayley Gage, Tainui Full Primary School - Kiwi Can Champ for Positive Relationships

Sponsor Genesis Energy

Hayley shows a positive attitude day in and day out without fail. This positive attitude allows Hayley to easily build positive relationships with all students regardless of age, ethnicity or gender. She goes out of her way to help other students when she sees the need to ensure that everyone has a good day at Tainui Full Primary School; and even manages to get through to students when they are perhaps not in a receptive mood. She makes everyone feel welcome and appreciated and other students often seek her out when they need help.

Hayley actively role models positive relationships through the way she speaks and acts towards other students. No matter how they treat her, she always has a smile on her face and takes an understanding approach. She demonstrates that just because someone is having a bad day doesn’t make them a bad person and is still friends with them anyway. Hayley is often spotted modelling these behaviours outside of the classroom also when she thinks no teacher can see or hear her.

One of the most impressive things Hayley has done is assign herself as 'thinking partner' to a boy who struggles with his learning and behaviour. This was a big ask for Hayley as nobody else wanted to volunteer for the job. She made it look easy; she considered his perspectives and found a way to connect with him positively. The student now participates more fully in the thinking tasks enabling him to more easily get on with follow-up tasks. This is not a one off for Hayley - she is able to do this during all curriculum areas and with all students.

The judges loved Hayley’s approachability and how she makes everyone feel welcome and appreciated.  Being positive is just how Hayley is, she has certainly shown herself to be caring, compassionate and socially aware.

Hosea Mackey-Namana, Mangakino Area School - Kiwi Can Champ for Resilience

Sponsor Genesis Energy

Hosea began Mangakino school at the age of 5.8.  Hosea faces huge challenges every school day.  He shows resilience from the minute he walks in the door.  Even though he can become frustrated with things, he always gets there in the end, usually with a huge smile on his face!  He never holds a grudge, he is quick to apologise when he is in the wrong and he ‘bounces back’ very quickly.  His positive attitude is inspiring.

To begin with Hosea found it difficult to stay in the Kiwi Can sessions, he would ask to be taken back to the classroom.  Now, Kiwi Can is one of the highlights of his week with the first thing he asks on arrival at school on Friday morning being “Have we got Kiwi Can today?”  

Hosea has a ‘can do’ attitude.  He gives everything a go despite his physical limitations.  He has recently learnt to go across the flying fox in the playground, he has tried riding a bike, he participated fully in the inter-school athletics day, he has learnt to peel a mandarin and now attends school assemblies.

Hosea has learnt to sit still on the mat, to put his hand up when he wants to be heard, to stay in the classroom and to complete his work like all the other students.  He has learnt to share and to take turns.  Sometimes he struggles with these things, however he always gets over these challenges, does what he is asked, and rejoins the class as if nothing has happened.  It doesn’t matter how bad a day Hosea has had, he comes in the next morning happy, and excited to be at school.

Hosea has a great sense of humour.  He likes ‘knock-knock’ jokes and enjoys being gently teased by the teacher!

Hosea is a valued member of class who can perform simple classroom jobs like leading karakia, taking notes to the office and helping with tidying up.  He has learnt he cannot be selected for things every time.  In Kiwi Can for example he used to become upset if he did not get the certificate.  Now, more often than not, he will say “Never mind, maybe next time”.

Hosea’s great resilience has seen him work hard on his challenges and become a student who is a favourite at school, loved by his teachers and peers, and  who continues to amaze with his attitude and achievements.  He is a walking example of what a positive impact resilience can have on a person’s life.

The Kiwi Can theme of Resilience focuses on coping with challenges and ‘bouncing back’.  The judges felt Hosea is ‘Kiwi Can in a nutshell, they loved reading his story.

Charntae Tangimataiti, David Henry School - Kiwi Can Champ for Integrity

Sponsor Genesis Energy

Charntae is a wonderful, respectful student who consistently shows integrity in everything she does. 

She can be given a task and you know she will carry it out responsibly, reliably, independently if required and to the highest quality.

An example of this is when Charntae comes into the office and organises the school lunch orders when the school administrator is attending professional development courses.  She takes the orders, collects the money and gives change in a friendly manner.  Her integrity is most on display when she is sometimes unsupervised and handling money.

She is trusted to run errands for teachers, set up circuits and is a road patroller, wet day monitor, lunch monitor, librarian, team leader, milk monitor, leader in assembly and a PE monitor.  All of these extra responsibilities require that special someone who displays integrity, responsibility, respect and is trustworthy.  Charntae not only displays integrity through her actions but her words are also honest and fair towards others.  She is honest in her school work and displays perseverance and continues to challenge herself even with things are a struggle for her.

Showing integrity has given Charntae the courage to do and stand up for what is right - and to speak up if there is something wrong, even when it is difficult.   If you want a star student who encompasses integrity, respect, cooperation, kindness, empathy and much more then look no further than Charntae.

The judges loved her empathy, work ethic, kindness and how she is participating in school.  They felt the example of a young person trusted to collect money illustrates well Charntae’s integrity.  

Melville Primary - Dianne Pollard-Williams (Principal) and Alan Cocksley (BOT) - Outstanding Kiwi Can School 2017

Sponsor Ultrafast Fibre

Melville Primary have had Kiwi Can in their school since March 2016. As a school they have adopted the Kiwi Can programme into a whole school approach including their support of the Kiwi Can team.

The school culture is very accepting.   Staff and principals often praise the leaders for their work and are supportive during lessons.  Comments are always positive and there are often constructive comments in the feedback book. 

Teachers are actively involved in lessons, supporting the leaders with student engagement, behaviour and group management.  Open communication between staff and leaders on how the lessons are going often leads to the addition of information to support wider learning and improved management of current issues amongst students.  Recently it was important to the school to talk to students about minding their own business as they were noticing students were struggling with this during class.  With support from the leaders, there has already been a noticeable change within the students. 

To ensure that every Melville student is receiving Kiwi Can, the leaders have also now managed to incorporate the satellite class, students with disability, into the timetable. 

The school is a great support in the community with the principal speaking positively of Kiwi Can and Graeme Dingle Foundation Waikato.  She is always open to speaking to new or potential schools about how Kiwi Can has made a positive contribution to the students and the school culture.

Melville see their students as a positive contribution to society for the future and are doing everything they can to support this.  Their open-door policy and holistic and community wide view on learning makes Melville Primary an inviting, welcoming and encouraging place to be involved with.  It is positive for our staff to know they too can contribute to the school values and teaching for the students.

Stars Awards

There are many amazing young role models in our programmes who all help the Graeme Dingle Foundation Waikato transform young lives. The Stars programme promotes youth supporting youth with the concept of tuakana-teina powerful in the programme.  

Every week our Year 9 students receive positive motivation and support from the year 12 and 13 peer mentors helping them make that sometimes tricky transition from primary to secondary school.

Bailey Bell, Fairfield College - Outstanding Participation from a Stars Year 9 Student

Sponsor Generation Homes

Bailey is someone who has made massive changes after being involved in the Stars programme.  He is a star student – attending  every single Stars session, encouraging other students to attend and throwing himself into every single group session. He takes pride in the program, his Stars group, and the school in general.

In all group activities Bailey takes on the leadership role and demonstrates respect and responsibility and strives to help others do the same. As the year has progressed he started to contribute his ideas in the Stars challenges. For example he used his impressive art skills when building boats after the Americas Cup and taught others to do the same.

This year Bailey has branched into different friendship groups and formed fantastic relationships with all of the peer mentors and the teachers involved, who he greets in the halls despite his friends shaming him.

Bailey’s confidence has improved drastically throughout his participation in Stars. He stands up for what he believes in during class discussions and outside of class, something he would not have done at the beginning of the year.  Most Year 9s find it hard to stand up to their peers and approach a senior. Bailey has developed the courage to do both.

Bailey is a future Stars leader. He shows many leadership qualities and has developed a sense of pride for the Stars programme. His peer mentor Izzy said “I am incredibly proud to be Baileys peer mentor. He has come such a long way since the beginning of the year. He has shown many people that it is okay to say no to behaviour such as playing up in class and negative out of school activities.  He is a fantastic role model for other Year 9s and I can see him as a future head boy of Fairfield.”

The judges agreed and loved his development from being an outsider kid to being an active participant and potential leader of the programme.  That he is involved and stands up for what he believes in and is confident, enthusiastic and sounds like a bit of fun.  It is hard as a Year 9 to go against the norms ‘standing up against peers and seniors and Bailey has found the strength to do both.

Jessica Harries, Fairfield College - Rising Star Award

Sponsor KPMG

Jessica is a model student in every class, and this has translated to her Stars role.  Jessica is reliable, punctual and 100% committed to her Stars group of Year 9’s.  Jessica is always prepared and sets her lessons up well.

At the beginning Jessica was not 100% sure about Stars and committing to it.  Now, Jessica has developed self confidence and developed as a leader and role model for our Year 9’s.

Jessica always ensures her Year 9’s learning is relevant and engaging.  She has great behaviour management and her Year 9 interactions are firm, fair and friendly.

Jessica is a leader and as a person her confidence has grown to where she delivers meaningful and engaging Stars lessons which she has planned personally.  Her planning is always two weeks ahead and well prepared.  She has grown immensely.

Jessica was fantastic on camp. She led by example with her participation and was involved in everything.  Jessica was very reliable and a great help to staff. 

Jessica is well deserving of this award.  She has emerged as a great leader who our Year 9’s respect and look up to.  Jessica is a fantastic student, person and deserves this recognition.

The judges were impressed by her change from being so adamant to not doing Stars – she only wanted to do it if her friends were doing it – to somehow getting addicted– she was turning up all the time, planning lessons two weeks ahead.  She moved from just being there to proactively being engaged in the programme.

Teijana Turei, Tokoroa High School - Rising Star Award

Sponsor Harkness Henry

Teijana has consistently participated in the STARS programme with a quiet confidence and enthusiasm for the students she is responsible for. She can be relied on to fulfill her role to the best of her ability.

Teijana is naturally quiet, but in her role as a mentor, she has had to step out of her comfort zone and not be the person in the background. She has worked alongside her Year 9’s, guiding them and becoming more assured as she has delivered her fortnightly sessions.

Teijana is now a confident leader who leads her Year 9’s with respect and genuine concern.

By personally advising them, collecting their timetables, preparing them for camp and being readily available to mentor them throughout the year, Teijana has ensured her Year 9 students settled into school well.  She has earned their respect and they continue to seek out her guidance when they are having challenges.

Teijana has attended every mentoring session from the beginning of the year. She has gone out of her way to assist where needed and when her Senior Mentors have not been there, she has confidently filled in and carried on with the sessions without any trouble at all.

Teijana actively went into the community to look for a service project for her group, and came up with a plan where the students were doing something valuable with a positive impact on the community.

The judges loved that she came in as a quite year 12 and now she is a confident leader.  They felt her personal growth and kindness and loved that she really cared. Her assistance in the community project allowed her to add value to the community and not just tick boxes.

Cory Gurr, Forest View High School - Rising Star Award

Sponsor Generation Homes

It’s hard not to like Cory, with a great sense of humour and fun-loving attitude, his mentees responded well from the very beginning.  One of Cory’s goals at the beginning of the year was to become a more confident public speaker.  Since the beginning of the year his confidence to take the lead has grown immensely.  This has helped him improve on his facilitation skills and lesson delivery.  Cory’s initiative to step in and take the lead when needed, demonstrates commitment and dedication to his role as a peer mentor.  Because of this Cory has quickly become one of strongest leaders in his group.  He is humble and puts himself on the same level as the mentees, showing his commitment to the development of his Year 9’s and how he has supported them during lessons.

Cory’s attendance at planning sessions has been outstanding. As a first year mentor his enthusiasm has been admirable.  As each group prepares for the upcoming session, Cory contributes confidently to discussions and is willing to take on any task; whether it be time keeping, doing the activities with the Year 9’s, modelling correct behaviour or facilitating the lesson.

As a first-year mentor Cory found it easier to let the more experienced mentors take the lead.  However, as the year progressed, and the responsibilities of the more senior mentors began to take up more of their time, Cory saw his opportunity to step up and lead the planning sessions and facilitate the mentoring sessions. He understands the importance of planning and has shown how flexible he can be when things do not quite go to plan.  His friendly nature has made it easy for him to build good relationships with his mentees thus enabling him to understand what activities would or wouldn’t work.  This helps him support the other leaders to create the most engaging and fun lessons possible. 

Although Cory is a very competent leader, he is not too proud to get in amongst the Year 9’s and lead by example.  His enthusiasm is infectious and before long mentees who are hesitant eventually join in because they see how much fun he is having. During the community adventure, which was an Amazing Race through Tokoroa, Cory volunteered to go with one of the Lake groups, even though it was raining on the day and the students were feeling a little reluctant to go. Although they did not win, the group completed the race and enjoyed the experience thanks to Cory’s amazing efforts.

Cory is an awesome mentor.  He has grown in confidence from day to day and has realised that there are other opportunities out there for him for similar roles.  It has been amazing to see how confident he has grown with his facilitation skills during lessons and his interactions with others.  Cory has ‘the right stuff’ to become an outstanding leader and peer mentor next year.

The judges loved how he saw his opportunities to lead and took advantage of them.  He was dedicated and not too shy to get involved, that it was about the students and not himself – the agreed it’s a pretty rugged time to put yourself out there​

Meadow Jackson, Fairfield College - Excellence in Peer Mentoring

Sponsor Lodge Tawhiri

Meadow was nominated by four of her teachers.  Throughout the year she has made an outstanding contribution to the Stars programme.  She is an excellent peer mentor, a fantastic leader and role model.

Meadow is an extremely organised individual who actively participates in all peer mentor sessions (and even runs some meetings when asked) and is the first person to put her hand up to help others.  Meadow always goes above and beyond. 

She gets buy in from her students as she is always enthusiastic, her activities are fantastic, at a perfect level for our Year 9s and she leads them well with clear instructions.  Each lesson Meadow is 110% engaged in the material.

Meadow is the only student at Fairfield College selected as a Year 11 student to be a peer mentor as she showed amazing leadership potential and drive at a young age.  Meadow is a mountain leader and runs all mountain assemblies with confidence and amazing leadership capabilities. 

Meadow’s leadership abilities were valued on camp where she was essentially a teacher.  When peer mentors were unsure, they asked Meadow.  She was a support for both staff and students alike.  One staff member who was on camp for five days said “to have Meadow arrive in the second half of the week with her cohort of 65 Year 9s was a blessing. She made everything run smoothly -for someone of such a young age this is rare.”

Her organisation and leadership skills have also been an incredible source of inspiration to others.  She has worked closely with her fellow peer mentors this year to develop an outstanding Stars experience for their Year 9s.  She has passed many of her skills on to her shyer co-peer mentor, and as a result, she has grown in self-confidence this year also.  Without Meadow, this student is one who would not usually put her hand up to take part in Stars or any leadership experiences.

Meadow’s group of Year 9s have had an awesome Stars year full of fun, learning and high engagement. For one of the sessions, she created the resources and delivered a lesson on citizenship to the other peer mentors so they could run it across the school.  She created this lesson by looking at our school and wider community and realising the learning needs of others.  It was a highly successful lesson full of fun.

The judges were impressed that she was deemed the standout leader, with her engagement with the students, that she was into the programme and her reliability.  She was shy but really came out of her shell and because she was typically quiet, she was approachable.  They also liked that Meadow shows leadership of herself proving that leadership does not have to be shown by the leader of a group but can be shown by anybody. 

Monique Limmer, Tokoroa High School - Excellence in Peer Mentoring

Sponsor Oji Fibre Solutions

Monique is kind, friendly, always willing to help and has an outstanding work ethic.  Within Forest View High school, Monique is a Lake Leader for Maraetai, a Forest View Ambassador, a member of the school waka ama team, the school cultural club Polinetia Fa’atasi, and captain of the hockey team.  

Monique is also active in the community where she helped plant trees for a project run through the District Council.

Being involved in such a wide variety of activities provides a wealth of life lessons and values that contribute to improvement of self and also Monique’s ability to share and relate to her mentees in and around the school.  Her ability to manage all these activities and complete them to a high standard while maintaining excellent grades is exceptional.

When Monique first started as a mentor she knew what she wanted to achieve - to build her confidence, especially in public speaking, while helping the Year 9s feel part of the school.  Almost two years down the track Monique’s confidence has grown immensely through her experiences with facilitating both small and large group sessions in peer mentoring, her role as lake leader and speaking in school assemblies. 

Monique is always enthusiastic and keen to make the lessons fun for the students.  To celebrate Easter this year she came up with a plan to all wear rabbit ears to peer mentoring, creating a fun, festive feel for that particular lesson.  The topic was mental toughness, so they decided to run the lesson like a quiz show and hand out little Easter eggs for participants who had won.  This was a really successful engaging, challenging and fun activity for the students.

Monique is a compassionate and caring person who does not hesitate to step in and look after those who she can see may be having issues that affect their ability to participate fully in their lessons. 

In Monique’s mentoring group she has a Year 9 who is quite high needs who doesn’t deal well with working in big groups.  Monique has taken her under her wing and makes sure she is OK in mentoring and around the school.  Knowing Monique is there to support her has helped her transition into high school immensely, as she can now work competently and confidently in groups.

Monique is easily able to replicate this with her other relationships, improving her confidence as well as the attitudes of those around her 

The judges were impressed with Monique’s commitment to the programme and especially that she is respected by the mentees – something they felt was really important if you want them to listen to you. ​

Lahaina Solomon, Forest View High School - Excellence in Peer Mentoring

Sponsor Oji Fibre Solutions

Lahaina has played an integral part in the Stars programme this year.  With all tasks and roles assigned to her, Lahaina’s unwavering support and dedication to the programme has seen many success stories and achievements at an excellence level.

Her delivery of the programme and commitment through her attendance, preparation and facilitation has been influential and has brought a level of professionalism that is very rare in many students of her age.

Lahaina is an incredibly busy young lady who is always on time and gives 100% effort in all that she does.  Puna Vai Ora, Senior Prefects, School Council, Wearable arts, Stage Challenge and the ball committee are only a few groups within the school that Lahaina was assigned to lead. Leading from the back, she does well to motivate her teams while being caring and nurturing for those she has provided council, guidance and leadership to. She is also Head Girl.

Her ability to give students confidence to face some of their fears was often seen in STARS activities this year.  She would use different strategies to help students including going through the experience with them, buddying them up with others to gain confidence through the support of their peers, or having a quiet word if needed. Lahaina is patient and always see things through to the end.     

Lahaina goes about achieving her success with humbleness, class and a caring nature. Since being a mentor, Lahaina has demonstrated that helping her peers succeed within the programme and their schooling is a value that she personally lives by each day.

Lahaina’s ability to lead by example and be a positive role model is something she does naturally. Her leadership is demonstrated in small ways that personalise her leadership interactions with others.  Lahaina allows students to discover who they are as individuals and instills the drive and motivation in them to become fine mentors and students within Stars and the school. 

Lahaina is entrenched in her Cook Island and Maori culture and, as Head girl, has been a positive role model for students in Te Manava (Cook Island home room). She has recently composed dance components within the Puna Vai Ora dance group and been involved in Cook Island dancing at a National level.

Her faith and strong sense of cultural identity has inspired many of our Year 9’s to instill positive thinking and living as well as connecting more with their culture.

Lahaina approaches her Senior Peer Mentor role in a humble way.  She would say that this role has made her more aware of her responsibility while giving her the opportunity to give back in her last year at Tokoroa High. 

The judges were impressed with Lahaina’s breadth of involvement in life, that she gives so much to others, that she always gives 100% to everything she does and is sharing these skills in her wider community – they loved her desire to give back.  They were particularly impressed with how she is not just telling people to do things she is influencing them in a positive way, a fabulous gift she shares with our young people.

Career Navigator Awards

To help our youth to better understand what they may want to do when they leave school, Career Navigator provides students with valuable info, options and guidance around work and life choices, along with support in terms of achieving goals, and aiming high

Paige Stimpson, Fairfield College - Excellence in Career Navigator

Sponsor Whitfield Braun

Paige is always polite, clearly spoken and looks people in the eye when speaking to them or listening.  She is confident when communicating with adults and appreciates the time that others are putting into her development.

Paige attends all of the student/ mentor appointments on time. She is always well prepared and takes notes. She is comfortable engaging with her mentor and is happy to ask questions of other adults such as business people in the scavenger hunt and facilitators of Career Navigator workshops.

Since starting Career Navigator Paige has shown a huge improvement in her confidence around people and in group settings. Paige has actively sought opportunities to build her career readiness and has the confidence to talk with adults about job opportunities.

Paige has a positive attitude and embraces any opportunity she gets.   When her peer mentor suggested she speak with people in his network about job opportunities, she grabbed it with both hands. She is enthusiastic about her future and has set herself a clear pathway. 

The judges were impressed by her gratefulness and that she grabs opportunities with possible employers; it appears she is taking that next step already.  Her appreciation of the time that other people are putting into her is heartening, it is something that is sometimes forgotten.

Kaha Head, Fraser High School - Excellence in Career Navigator

Sponsor Hamilton City Council

Kaha has shown commitment in developing his career pathway through attending all meetings and workshops held through the Career Navigator programme.  He has shown enthusiasm to work hard at tasks presented to him to complete and his work to set a clear goal and path has enabled Kaha to understand what he needs to do to do get employment; which he has secured in 2018.

In class he was a positive contributor to discussions and had a positive influence on his peers.  He is mature, well spoken, well- mannered and has great communication skills.  Kaha was helpful chasing up his mentees in his group to ensure they were aware of meetings and outings.

Kaha’s active participation in Career Navigator has shown that he is capable of completing any task presented to him within the required time.  He was the first in his group to create SMART goals and to complete his plan.  While brainstorming and completing his SMART goals he was positive about his future and enthusiastic and confident about his journey to complete and pass NCEA Level 2.  

During class Kaha has demonstrated an ability to focus and complete his work to the required standard.  He has a positive attitude and willingness to learn and ask questions to check his understanding; he is receptive to feedback to improve his performance.

At the beginning of the year Kaha was not sure if he would return for 2018. Career Navigator has helped Kaha to crystalise his career path and the programme has helped him secure a job and stay motivated to complete his NCEA Level 2.

To support this Kaha has dedicated his school holidays to learning - helping and increasing his building skills by working with his father. 

The judges were impressed with Kaha’s attitude, he has set out and is working through some proper goals.  He shows good work ethic by completing all his tasks at the right time and hasn’t lost sight of the fact that he still needs to finish NCEA.

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