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What is Stars?

Stars is a 12-month mentoring programme that supports, motivates and positively reinforces Year 9 students during their first year at high school. 

Download the Stars brochure here

Stars is underpinned by this whakatauki (proverb):

Tukua kia tu takitahi nga whetu o te rangi
Let each star in the sky shine its own light

Stars Research

The proof is in the research, and here's what it shows. Stars: 

  • Develops confidence
  • Develops team building
  • Develops friendship
  • Teaches students about their community

Why Stars?

This programme provides an effective platform to:

  • Help Year 9 students successfully navigate the transition to secondary school
  • Develop self-confidence and resilience
  • Promote a team culture, whist offering mentoring opportunities and leadership skills for senior students
  • Facilitate caring relationships between students and between students and teachers
  • Develop a sense of responsibility and connectedness to the school and wider community