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Project K mentoring

Small commitment, big rewards

As a mentor, your role will be to build a trusting partnership with a Project K student and to help them to set and achieve their goals.

For 12 months, you'll meet with your student fortnightly and catch up weekly by phone or email. You'll also be able to share your successes and challenges at monthly mentor meetings and take part in Project K events.

While mentoring does take a little bit of commitment, it is also hugely rewarding. Hear what past mentors have said about Project K Mentoring

Former mentor John Frear says: "It's an enormously satisfying and wonderful experience. You help young New Zealanders achieve their goals and watch them discover the opportunities the world holds. At the same time, you're developing your own leadership qualities."

But it's what students say that is perhaps the most important: "My mentor has made a major contribution in my life with her guidance, patience and understanding... I know whatever the future holds for either of us, she will always be there for me and I will be there for her."

For more information about becoming a Project K mentor, contact us here.

A mentor’s role

Becoming a Project K mentor offers opportunities to:

  • Make a difference to a young person's life by encouraging them to reach their potential
  • Support a Project K student to aim high and set and achieve goals.
  • Learn about current youth issues
  • Achieve personal development through the experiences and learning from mentoring
  • Contribute and ‘give back’ to the community through offering support and understanding to a young person
  • Be a positive role model
  • Have fun with young people, Project K mentors and programme staff
  • Receive ongoing support and personal development opportunities from Project K staff
  • Develop peer support networks with other Project K mentors
  • Celebrate achievements from mentoring relationships

Mentor training

All prospective Project K mentors undertake a 20-hour mentor training programme. This provides best practice information in youth development to help build and maintain effective mentor partnerships. All training participants are given with their own Mentor Portfolio which includes information about the programme and training material. Some regions ask for a small financial contribution towards the cost of training.


Graeme Dingle Foundation Auckland is holding mentor training in 2018.

February 24th and March 3rd 2018  – West Auckland, Henderson​ at the Trusts Arena, Central Park Drive in Henderson - Click here for a Map

Please contact Antonia Vito​ for further information and to register your attendance for mentor training.

Antonia Vito

Ph: 09 926 2951

Mobile: 021 420 968

Email: antonia.vito@dinglefoundation.org.nz

Bay of Plenty

Contact Dan Allen-Gordon  021 992 613

Email dan.allen-gordon@dinglefoundation.org.nz


For further information please contact: Noeline Allan, 021 259 4312 or email noeline.allan@dinglefoundation.org.nz

Hawkes Bay

For enquiries and registration please contact:

Sally Kerr phone 027 342 0617 or email sally.kerr@dinglefoundation.co.nz


For enquiries and  please contact: 04 577 2070 or email Jade.Bennett@dinglefoundation.org.nz