Project K: Shaping the future

Project K kicks in at a time when some kids need it most. Designed for Year 10's, this programme builds confidence, teaches life skills, promotes good health and encourages a positive attitude. What's not to love.

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About Project K

Project K is a 14-month programme designed for Year 10 students. It involves three parts and it focusses on building confidence, teaching life skills, promoting good health and encouraging a positive attitude.

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What people say

I really enjoyed it [the wilderness adventure]. I got used to being dirty and sleeping in the bush. I gained more confidence knowing I withstood a thunderstorm. I learnt heaps of skills and even got to look more often. I also liked how we had biking up hills. Wilderness adventure was good to boost your self-esteem. I also know a lot more about things now. Faigame, student at Otahamu College