MEN! Our boys need your influence!

Published April 4, 2018, 9:27 a.m.

  We urgently need men like you to support our great
  Project K boys to develop confidence and reach their
  potential. Who could imagine that just by hanging out
  for a few hours twice a month, maybe kicking a ball
  around, going for a bike ride or just learning about
  each other, could reap such rewards?

  Mentoring only requires that you be yourself. Mentoring
  is about sharing a small amount of your personal time. It
  is not about money, gifts or events. Mentoring is about
  doing things that are just ordinary to most of us, but to a
  14-year-old who may not have an available male role
  model, this is an extraordinary experience.

Mentoring gives you as much as it gives the young person. We give you all the training and ongoing support that you need. All we ask is that you be yourself. Who would imagine that when a young person sees that you care enough about them to just keep turning up, it would make such a huge difference in their lives and futures.

Before Project K Matt wouldn’t even go to the supermarket in case the check- out operator spoke to him! Matt is now well on his way to a wonderful career. He coaches young children in sport, supports teens with personal training and is confident and happy. He originally worked part time in hospitality and has now secured a great job in Banking. He has a great future ahead. All because someone like you cared enough to walk alongside him for a few hours a month for just one year.

Please don’t leave it to others – they may not come. We need YOU and we need you NOW!

Please get in touch with Elena and become part of our great team who are helping to transform young lives forever.

Elena Searle Mentor Recruitment Coordinator