Help Kmart support Kiwi kids stay stronger together

Published Sept. 26, 2017, 9:11 a.m.

NewsHelp Kmart support Kiwi kids stay stronger  together

Kmart New Zealand is showing support for local communities for the fourth year running through its partnership with the Graeme Dingle Foundation. Kiwis are encouraged to support the Foundation’s Stars programme by heading into their local Kmart store to contribute. 

The Graeme Dingle Foundation Stars programme strengthens young people for that often-tricky transition into high school, through training and supporting older students to mentor and walk alongside the new year 9’s. Stars often radically changes a school culture, helping young people to think more about caring and looking out for each other, creating a sense of belonging and a positive school community.  

Shanaz has been involved in the Stars programme as both a year 9 student and this year as a mentor while at Kelston Girls College and believes it was invaluable in giving her direction. 

“Moving to a new school I felt left out but Stars gave me a sense of identity - it gave me confidence.  Without Stars I wouldn’t be who I am today!” she says. 

From 1 September through to 31 October across all 20 Kmart New Zealand stores, the community is encouraged to contribute to this cause through a coin vessel located in store plus a donation function on the Kmart self-serve checkouts. 

Kmart New Zealand country manager Jason Picard said, “In hope of a better future for today’s youth, the Graeme Dingle Foundation allows us to extend support to Kiwi kids, whether that is in their schooling, future employment or within the local community. 

These kids are our future - we hope one day to see them as part of the Kmart team and contributing to the success of 
the Kmart New Zealand community,” said Jason. 

The Graeme Dingle Foundation is a leader in positive child and youth development building resilience and self-belief in New Zealand’s young people.  The Foundation’s objective is to have young people transition through their programmes that sets them up with a strong platform for adult life and a career. 

Sir Graeme Dingle, co-founder of the Graeme Dingle Foundation is thrilled with the continued support received from Kmart. 

“A critical time in a young person’s life is their transition into high school, as this usually coincides with huge periods of change. The move from a little pond to a great big pond is like learning how to swim again. Peer mentoring programmes can play a significant role in giving our young people opportunities to make them feel connected within their community, with a strong sense of self-worth because those that understand young people the most, are young people themselves,” says Sir Graeme. 

“Our plan is to make New Zealand the best place in the world for young people by 2050 and I will do everything in my power to ensure that this happens.  I encourage everyone to get on board with this fantastic campaign Kmart has put together so we can continue to deliver this programme to the students who need it,” he adds. 

Including Kelston Girls College, the Stars programme operates within 15 schools throughout the Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Wellington and Canterbury regions.