Shares for Good

Published May 26, 2017, 11 a.m.

This year the Graeme Dingle Foundation is lucky to be the recipient charity for the Shares for Good programme. Shares for Good is a pro-bono collaboration between JBWere, NZX, Computershare and Link Market Services. 100% of all proceeds go directly to the recipient charity.

How can you help the Graeme Dingle Foundation?

If you or your company, your family or friends hold shares and wish to donate some please see the attached information provided by JBWere. The benefits:

  • No brokerage fees
  • Potential for a tax credit
  • A great way to divest of small ‘un-marketable’ packets of shares – holdings of a typical value of less than $500 with no charge

This is the last quarter for us as recipient charity. So please help us by passing this onto any of your colleagues and contacts for us – anyone you know who may have a share portfolio.

For information on how to help to donate click here.

Thank you JBWere.