Growing Great Kiwi Kids in Rotorua

Published Nov. 10, 2017, 3:43 p.m.

NewsGrowing Great Kiwi Kids in Rotorua

The Graeme Dingle Foundation is delighted to announce the introduction of its Kiwi Can programme into three primary schools in Rotorua next year.

The schools - Horohoro School, Sunset Primary, and Kaitao Middle School - will start receiving the Kiwi Can programme in Term 1, 2018.  This is the first time a Graeme Dingle Foundation programme has been run in Rotorua and was made possible by Rotary working injunction with Rotorua’s local businesses and the local community.

Co-founder and Board member Jo-anne Wilkinson, Lady Dingle said ‘’ the driving force that has enabled this kickstart comes from a collaboration of the 5 Rotary Clubs of Rotorua. A Trust Board made up of local people will be recruiting staff to run the programmes so that the culture, values and resources of the community will be reflected in programme delivery and achieve great outcomes for the children participating.”

Kiwi Can is a primary school programme which teaches essential life skills and values such as self-belief, resilience, respect, and integrity in schools all around New Zealand.  The programme strongly supports the Positive Behaviour for learning strategy in schools and is linked to the New Zealand Curriculum and its key competencies. Lessons have been shown to develop greater communication skills, social interaction, co-operation, kindness and caring in students.

Principal of Sunset School, Mr Niels Rasmussen said, "We are really looking forward to including the programme in our school. The values encompassed by the Kiwi Can programme will strongly support our students to make good decisions in their lives. A large part of our 2018 curriculum will be based around the themes and values of this programme. Kiwi Can Leaders will be great role models in helping support student resilience and decision making over time."

Over the next few years the Graeme Dingle Foundation is looking to include many more primary schools in the Rotorua region on its Kiwi Can programme and will also seek collaboration with the local community to find ways to fund the introduction of its high school programmes, Stars and Project K. Our Stars programme strengthens young people for that often-tricky transition into high school, through training and supporting older students to mentor and walk alongside the new year 9’s. Project K kicks in at a time when some kids need it most. Designed for Year 10's, this programme builds confidence, teaches life skills, promotes good health and encourages a positive attitude.  Proven by research these programmes make a pivotal difference to the lives of students they touch and a positive difference to the community.

The Foundation’s namesake, mountaineer and outdoor education pioneer, Sir Graeme Dingle, says

“Our goal, is to transform young lives forever, with a vision that all young people can be confident contributors to New Zealand. By the year 2025, our mission is to be helping 50,000 young people in our programmes each year.”

The Graeme Dingle Foundation is a leader in positive child and youth development building resilience, confidence and self-belief in New Zealand’s young people. The Foundation’s objective is to have young people transition through their programmes that sets them up with a strong platform for adult life and a career.