The Good Registry has launched

Published Nov. 24, 2017, 8:57 a.m.

Forty New Zealand charities are waiting for you to give them your Christmas on a new social giving website that launched today.

The Good Registry ( says it’s offering people “less stuff and more goodness” for Christmas this year.

Anyone can set up a gift registry for any special event at The Good Registry, but instead of asking for gifts, they ask for donations to one of the website’s verified charities.

Chief of Good Christine Langdon says people will eventually be able to give to any New Zealand charity they choose through The Good Registry, but they’re starting with a smaller number of selected charities for this Christmas to test the site with users before it grows.

She says the idea behind The Good Registry is to help people who have everything they need to answer the age-old question: ’What would you like for your birthday / Christmas / wedding / baby shower …’.

“More and more people are saying ‘no gifts please’ but friends and family still want to give, which often means we end up with things we don’t love or need. The Good Registry is giving people a simple way to say ‘I don’t need anything right now, but I’d love you to give to this charity on my behalf instead’.

“It’s like any other gift registry in that you set up your own registry page, tell your friends and family, and invite them to your page if they’d like to gift. The big difference is that the only gifts are donations to charities.

Christine Langdon says: “We’re all about celebration and we’re not against gifts. But we think that when people don’t want more stuff, there’s another great option, where we can do a lot of good. While some people might not need for anything at Christmas, there are a lot of charities that do need our help.

“We’re not being the Christmas grinches — we’re being the Christmas fairies, helping people give simply, reduce waste and help good causes.

“The beauty is that in paying it forward, we can multiply the joy of giving. There is plenty of research that shows we get more joy from giving than receiving.”

The Good Registry ran a successful PledgeMe campaign which crowd-funded more than $20,000 from  about 150 New Zealanders (and at least two overseas pledgers) who wanted to support the idea. The pledgers included seven company bosses who signed up to be CEO Heroes by committing to give their Christmas or another event to the site, and 10 people who pledged to be ‘Trailblazers', giving them the chance to be first in the world to sign-up their Christmas at The Good Registry with advance notice of the launch yesterday.

The CEO Heroes are: Z Chief Executive Mike Bennetts, Tuhana Consulting Managing Director Tim Gibson, Pacific Steel General Manager Lianne Meiklejohn, Earthquake Commission Chief Executive Sid Miller, Western Gas Managing Director John Lambert, Z Energy Retailer Jonathan Usher and Signature Media Founder and Group Editor Cathy Wagstaff.

The Trailblazers are: Cindy Killan-Chaimowitz, Dawn Baggaley, Gursharan Mann, Lily Leung, Suzanne Pollard, David Lee, Belinda Gorman, Todd Bridges, Kim Palsenbarg and Louise Aitken.  

For more information on the charities, check them out at

The Good Registry has been co-founded by Christine Langdon, Tracey Bridges and Sue McCabe.