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Published Oct. 1, 2017, 2:31 p.m.

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A celebration of our youth - Waikato Excellence Awards

As much as you think you know an organisation and what it does, the true appreciation sinks in when you are exposed to the real stories.  Our Waikato Excellence Awards showcased the best of our youth with winners from our Kiwi Can, Stars and Career Navigator programmes. 

Our judges said there were many hard decisions to make with so many fantastic nominations; they were heartened by the many examples of excellent young people.  After hearing their stories, I can say It is great to see that the work we are doing is developing the leaders of our future - a common theme with all of our winners.

Another clear message was the positive benefits of having a team and an organisation that works to align itself with individual school values, we know that working together heightens the potential for success.  

I would like to thank all our sponsors, especially the main sponsor the University of Waikato, the judges, Professor Bruce Clarkson, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research who opened the awards, the schools and parents who came to support the winners, our Board (pictured), our team and all our supporters who celebrated the evening with us. 

Congratulations once again to all our fantastic winners - I hope you enjoy reading their stories.

September 2017

  • There's only one word for it - eyeopening!
  • Upcoming events
  • Yay - success for Career Navigator student
  • How confidence can affect our decision making
  • Tokoroa High School supports Waikato River Trails
  • Wintec Workshop - What's next?  Life after school
  • Fairfield College Pathway Day

During my first month here I have been absolutely blown away by the quality of people working in our organisation and the work that we do.  Before joining the Graeme Dingle Foundation I had heard great things about the people and this has been reinforced by many of our external stakeholders and national support office.

Talking about great things, you can read about just one of our Career Navigator success stories - how our mentors are working together to help our students take that first step into work.

We have more work to do to raise the awareness of how our programmes help - we need to shout out in headlights about our good work so we can develop, grow and support more of our youth.  We are working hard to hold current funding and attract new revenue streams - this is something I need everyone's help with.If anyone would like to ask me anything or contact me at any time please do so.  My contact details are below and I look forward to catching up with you all soon. 

August 2017

  • Welcoming our new GM Stuart Davidson
  • Our work in numbers
  • Excellence Awards - 21st September
  • Kiwi Can leaders go the extra mile
  • What can you learn from building a boat? 
  • Career Navigator students are BUSY!  

Welcoming our new GM

Well I have just finished my second day of work at the Graeme Dingle Foundation Waikato.  WOW what a great start!  The team is obviously strong (even though I haven't met you all yet) which attracted me to this organisation in the first place.  Working with you all on such a purposeful mission - positively impacting young lives - is one I am really excited about.  

If anyone would like to ask me anything or contact me at any time please do so.  My contact details are below and I look forward to catching up with you all soon.  



July 2017

  • Passing the baton
  • Welcoming Stuart Davidson, General Manager
  • Congratulations to our Kiwi Can Champs
  • Worksite visits give students a taste of different careers
  • Amazing Race partners students, mentors and employers
  • A big thanks to Z for Good in the Hood

After over four years leading the Graeme Dingle Foundation Waikato, I am stepping down later in July to head off on a grand adventure, starting in Peru and with no plans after that except to be where the journey takes me.
It has been a privilege to work with a dedicated team committed to supporting thousands of Waikato rangatahi and an honour to contribute in a small way to Sir Graeme Dingle and Lady Jo-anne Wilkinson's life work. It has also been a privilege to work with so many supporters who share our vision for a better community where youth are supported to be connected and contributing adults. Thank you for helping us to make a transformational difference.  

The board and I are delighted to introduce our new General Manager, Stuart Davidson.  

Stu says "The opportunity to work for the Graeme Dingle Foundation is a real honour, and one I am really looking forward to.  I’ll be officially starting on the 1st August and I look forward to meeting as many of our supporters as I can over coming months".  You can contact Stu at Stu@dinglewaikato.nz or 021 420 964
Our August e-news will include a full introduction from Stuart.

I'd also like to thank everyone who voted for us at Z Stations for Good in the Hood last month - the $2,800 raised will go towards Kiwi Can, Stars and Career Navigator

I was extremely proud to hear of Graeme Dingle's knighthood in the recent Queen's Honours.  Graeme and Jo-anne have poured their hearts and souls into transforming the lives of our youth.  You can read more about Sir Graeme's knighthood here.

June 2017

  • We're Hometown Heroes
  • Introducing Kylie Kingi
  • Chiefs Laser Clap a winner
  • Balancing a banana - a lesson in teamwork
  • Workshops at Waikato University
  • A busy time at Fraser High for Career Navigator students
  • Drop Your Boss - the new video
  • A big thanks to Z for Good in the Hood

We're Hometown Heroes!

We were really proud to be selected by the Chiefs as one of the Gallagher Hometown Heroes.  In a huge surprise All Black and Chiefs player Aaron Cruden visited our offices to learn a little more about our work.  He is a very humble man who was only to happy too answer all our questions and even presented our office manager Chellie with her birthday cake!  

Two of our Kiwi Can Leaders, Matua Raynard and Matua Terry, went over a Kiwi Can lesson with Aaron who was genuinely interested in the children we work with - saying that while it is fantastic to be an All Black and play for the Chiefs, he also gets great satisfaction in being able to interact with the community, especially children.  

Getting Aaron thinking, the boys challenged him to make up a Chiefs Laser Clap - used for celebrating good things during Kiwi Can lessons.  Aaron was up to the challenge - take a look at the new Chiefs Laser Clap here.

As a Hometown Hero, a short video of Aaron's visit was shown at the home game against the Waratahs - we were also lucky enough to receive 20 tickets.  If you want a sneak preview of the video you can see it here.

May 2017

  • On target for 2017
  • Upcoming events
  • Stories from a visual master!
  • Drop Your Boss - they dropped!
  • Yay - vote for us at Z for Good in the Hood
  • Chiefs tickets for Kiwi Can Champs

Our commitment for 2017 :

13% increase in youth receiving quality development opportunities – 350+ more youth
Career Navigator – expansion into Fraser High, Hamilton reaching 650+ more students
Growth areas in low decile schools in North and South Waikato

Its almost half way through the year we are right on target.  We are growing our capacity to reach even more young people in the highest need areas of Waikato while ensuring the growth is sustainable and that excellent results for youth remain high. 

There is so much good work going on.  Focussing on North Waikato we are excited by the support we have to offer our youth development programmes in Ngaruawahia.  Our vocational mentors are working solidly with Career Navigator students from Fairfield College and Fraser High - this is a fantastic initiative providing students with knowledge and support from those in the business community and providing our mentors with a look at life from the perspective of today's youth. 

April 2017

  • It's not April Fools' - these 27 crazy people are leaping off a building for our youth!
  • Upcoming events
  • Our Guinness World Record attempt - Pass It On
  • Adventure Camp activities set bold challenges
  • Kiwi Can Champs for Respect
  • Career Navigator is underway
  • Tickets to the Chiefs home games

March 2017

  • Are you willing to leap from a tall building for our youth?
  • Upcoming events
  • Drop Your Boss (8th April)
  • Our Guinness World Record attempt - Pass It On
  • Leading our Stars peer mentors
  • Career Navigator mentors step up
  • Tickets to the Chiefs games

February 2017

  • A new year and new goals - from our Regional Manager
  • Upcoming events
  • Kiwi Can Champs - Resilience
  • Our Guinness World Record attempt - Pass It On (tentatively 15th March)
  • Kiwi Can ready to go
  • Drop Your Boss (8th April)
  • Career mentors required for Career Navigator
  • Thanks to our awesome supporters

December 2016

What A Year!  Vikki Blundell, Regional Manager 

We are proud to say that in 2016 we supported, educated, encouraged, championed and advocated for over 2,700 youth in the Waikato.  We hear every week the great stories of success that our programmes bring to many children - stories of how learning about respect, how to have a positive relationship, how to live with integrity, how to be leaders, how to set goals and how to be resilient in todays often challenging world makes a real difference to individuals, schools and ultimately communities.  We think that is pretty awesome.  

Our team all agrees that it is a privilege to be working with our Waikato youth.  Here are some images showcasing our year - we had fun, they had fun and we'll be doing it all again next year, although in 2017  over 3.200 tamariki and rangatahi will benefit from our work.

We'd love to have you along with us once again.

November 2016

  • Upcoming Events - Pass It On - November 30th
  • Regional Manager's Report - Our stars shine brighter at National Excellence Awards
  • National Conference - winners again
  • Pass It On For Waikato Kids - help us break a world record
  • Our Programmes - Kiwi Can, Stars, Career Navigator :
  • Thanks to our supporters

October 2016

  • Upcoming Events - Pass It On For Waikato Kids
  • Regional Manager's Report - Excellence Awards shine a bright light
  • Excellence Awards
  • New local Facebook page
  • Pass It On For Waikato Kids
  • Kiwi Can - Kiwi Can Champs for Integrity announced
  • Stars Schools - Excellence Award winners
  • Career Navigator - can you be a career mentor

September 2016

  • Regional Manager's Report - students increase by 40% 
  • Excellence Awards
  • New local Facebook page 
  • Kiwi Can - Integrity
  • Stars Schools Community Projects - Fairfield College
  • Career Navigator Pathways Day for Year 11s

August 2016

  • Regional Manager's Report - Welcome to our newest school, Melville Primary
  • Kiwi Can - Forest Lake Primary Community Project
  • Kiwi Can Champ regional winners
  • Stars Schools great races
  • Stars Schools gearing up for Community Projects
  • Career Navigator provides new experiences for Year 11s

July 2016

  • Upcoming Events 
  • Blessed with great support - Vikki Blundell, Regional Manager
  • Rachael Beale - why I support
  • Kiwi Can -Kiwi Can Champ Positive Relationships winners
  • Stars -  Schools gearing up for Community Adventures
  • Career Navigator - job interviewing experience

June 2016

  • Upcoming Events - Drop Your Boss 12th June
  • What have I done to deserve this? - Vikki Blundell, Regional Manager
  • Kiwi Can - supporting Positive Relationships
  • Stars -  Schools active in their communities
  • Career Navigator - could you be a vocational mentor?

May 2016

  • Upcoming Events - Drop Your Boss
  • One man has made a difference - Vikki Blundell, Regional Manager
  • Kiwi Can - supporting Positive Relationships
  • Kiwi Can Champ - Congratulations to our regional winners
  • Stars -  Community Adventure planning begins!
  • Career Navigator - could you be a Career Navigator mentor?

April 2016

  • Upcoming Events - Drop Your Boss
  • Making a difference because we care - Vikki Blundell, Regional Manager
  • Kiwi Can - Schools look to help their communities
  • An exciting new initiative - Kiwi Can Champ
  • Stars -  There was definitely adventure at the Fairfield Adventure Camp
  • Career Navigator - could you be a Career Navigator mentor?

March 2016

  • Upcoming Events - Drop Your Boss
  • Helping Kiwi kids for 21 years
  • Kiwi Can - Manaakitanga - treating people, things and places as important
  • Stars -  Adventure Camps
  • Career Navigator

December 2015

November 2015

September 2015

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