Stars Community Challenge – Kelston Girls

Published Aug. 10, 2016, 4:24 p.m.

Kelston Girls College have carried out their Stars programme community project. The project started out with brainstorming sessions between Year 9 mentees and their mentors from the senior school around how to help the environment. Rubbish and litter was brought up a lot during these discussions and the students began thinking about ways to solve the problem of littering around the school.

The project they came up with was to run a competition for the best design on the bins which the students would carry out in groups. The designs were to be colourful and encourage the school to use them.

Western Gas Z donated the materials to decorate the rubbish bins and the finished projects were presented at a prize-giving assembly.

The judges’ criteria included:

  • Great colour and design
  • Explanations from each class about how their bins will encourage students to use them
  • What some of the designs on their bins mean
  • The process of how they designed their bins
  • Team work demonstrated in the team’s bins and presentation

They all look great!