Drop Your Boss Auckland

Published Aug. 11, 2016, 1:10 p.m.

Our annual Drop Your Boss fundraiser is coming up on September 15th at the Sky Tower.

In 2013 Drop Your Boss had its inaugural event in Marlborough when it was decided the organisation needed a unique and quirky fundraiser which would challenge the business community in a way that our kids in programmes are challenged daily.

The life experiences our youth face regularly are fraught with difficulties so in order to replicate that feeling of going out of their comfort zone, Drop Your Boss evolved.

  • This year, Drop Your Boss will dare ‘droppers’ to plummet 192 metres off Auckland’s iconic Sky Tower at around 85km/hr.
  • Management and staff are asked to fundraise a minimum of $3,500 to see their Boss dropped!
  • This is a perfect opportunity for businesses to engage their people in supporting the Graeme Dingle Foundation, while having some fun with their staff. Bosses are asked to challenge other businesses to join in.
  • Staff, family and friends are invited to come along and witness their boss literally ‘go over the edge’ of the nominated building – all in the community spirit of the Graeme Dingle Foundation.
  • The Graeme Dingle Foundation will help set up each Boss with a givealittle fundraising page where all participants can see their own and their bosses fundraising efforts grow daily. This increases the ‘challenge’ and creates healthy competition within our family of Corporate Partners. All supporters will be assisted with ways in which to raise more and we will send all participants a Fundraising kit with tips and ideas.
  • Drop Your Boss is a part of a wider Graeme Dingle Foundation awareness campaign throughout the year and receives a broad range of media attention; giving ‘Bosses’ a feel-good public profile while actively supporting the Graeme Dingle Foundation and the young people of New Zealand.