Marlborough Career Navigator

Kiwi Can is delivered to over 2,200 Marlborough primary-aged children every week, a programme shown to provide the life skills needed for our kids to be successful in the workforce of the future. In 2018 a further Foundation programme, Career Navigator, is being introduced to senior college-age students.

Career Navigator

Our Vision

For all young people in Marlborough to have a purposeful pathway into their future.

Our Goal

For Career Navigator students to positively transition into higher education, careers or similar pathways.

What is Career Navigator?

Career Navigator is a ready-for-work programme that is designed to help secondary school students in need of direction.  The programme supports teens in their decision making around future employment while also providing an effective platform for employers to share real-world knowledge and offer mentoring and active learning opportunities. It provides a strong connection between young people and local business and a greater awareness of career opportunities in their region.

Career Navigator includes three modules:

1. Career Coaching/Mentoring occurs primarily in small groups and provides young people with career development guidance from industry mentors who have experience and expertise in a particular field. This module may include a group project as well as workplace visits or workplace visitors.

2. Experiential Workshops are designed to provide learning opportunities that support students to obtain occupational and other work-ready skills valued by employers.

3. Career Pathway Events give students a sample of possible career and employment opportunities and pathways.

Why Career Navigator?

Career Navigator was developed in response to requests from employers and schools and since it’s initial pilot and testing in 2012, has been introduced in schools across the country, from Auckland to Invercargill. Schools identified that many young people are leaving school too soon and without being ready for employment. This combination puts them at risk of adding to the already high youth unemployment statistics.

“Career Navigator… connects people in the community with our kids who don’t have those natural connections.”

“We have done the research and what we found was that [before Career Navigator], about 30% of them weren’t doing anything after leaving school, now this is down to about 10%.”

Salvatore Gargiulo, Manurewa High School Principal

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