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Real lives, real difference

Matarori, Kiwi Can student at Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Te Matai, Bay of Plenty, March 2014

“In Year 4 a lot of of bullying used to happen around the school. And it used to be a normal thing. So everyone would be doing it. And it used to affect a lot of people. Kiwi Can has made a huge difference now, because as I can see there is not much bullying happening and people are getting along more.

We talk about positive relationships. And we’ve been talking about how to make someone feel better if they have been bullied. And our self-esteem, how to keep it controlled.

Kiwi Can is a fun activity. All the kids enjoy it at school. And our teachers, our Kiwi Can teachers, they are very nice. I feel very happy that Kiwi Can has made a huge difference in our school from when I first started to now. I feel as if everyone has come together in one big group. And no one is being left out."​

Richard Lewis, Kiwi Can student and head boy at Mount Maunganui Intermediate, Nov 2013

"We’ve learnt about respect, which means taking care of things around you, the people around you and yourself. One big and really important subject that we have been learning in Kiwi Can is integrity. Integrity spans all the way from responsibility, honesty, reliability and then to trust.

With Kiwi Can teaching all the students at Mount Maunganui Intermediate these valuable skills, it is definitely a much better place to be. Everybody gets along with one another and makes for a really cool atmosphere at school.” 

Extract from Richard's speech at the Tauranga Sunrise Rotary Club's Treasured Art fundraiser for Kiwi Can. 

Megan Rostron, Kiwi Can student at Papamoa Primary School (and Mum Joanne Rostron)

Megan Rostron is a Kiwi Can student in Papamoa Primary School.Click on the video to see how she feels about being a part of the programme.