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Help us help them

Kiwi Can costs approximately $240 per student per year, but is provided at no charge to the student. Graeme Dingle Foundation is reliant on donations, volunteers, corporate sponsorship and philanthropy to keep this incredibly worthwhile programme running. Click here to see how you can do your bit, and support Kiwi Can.

If you give $20 a month it can provide the following things:

  • 1 young person through Kiwi Can for a year.
  • 4 Kiwi Can lessons every month for 1 young person.

Young kids learn teamwork skills, the strategy to copy with life and bullying, teaching them to have a can-do attitude.

"When I was bullied, I didn't handle it well. Kiwi Can has taught me to keep myself calm and walk away from bullies."  
Materori, 11, Kiwi Can Student