Kiwi Can: Off to an awesome start

Kiwi Can is our energy-packed primary school programme, aimed at children aged 5 to 12 years. It teaches values such as integrity and respect, and delivers fun-filled learning to schools all around the country.

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About Kiwi Can

Kiwi Can is a values and life skills programme designed for primary and intermediate school students. Right now it reaches nearly 19,000 children in 95 schools around the country (GO Kiwi Can!), delivering a range of awesome physical, mental and creative challenges - plus high-energy, fun, safe and interactive lessons that reinforce the schools' goals and curriculum.

Materori's Story

We're always excited to hear amazing stories from the kids in our programmes. Hear Materori's story here

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What people say

Kiwi Can has definitely improved students behaviour because they understand what that means when teachers and other staff say use your WITs. Improvements are also happening with students encouraging strategies learnt to get along better in confrontational situations. Having school wide impacts is due to the whole school nature of Kiwi Can. Respect is better understood because it is a major part of the Kiwi Can programme. Sandra Hemepo, Maketu Primary