Check out who's taking the challenge in 2018

In the spirit of community and the young kiwis on our programmes we have lined up a number of 'Bosses' to step out of there comfort zones and experience what many young people feel every day.

Antonia Baker
The Property Market

Last year I swooped like an eagle (actually sunk like a stone) from the top of Auckland's Sky Tower to raise funds for the Graeme Dingle Foundation.

At the bottom I had the opportunity to meet Graeme Dingle himself who knocked me off my feet for a second time that morning so when I was invited to take part in this year's Drop Your Boss fundraiser, I leaped (ha!) at the chance.

Help Antonia reach her goal here

Jill Johnston
Downtown Rotary

Gill is President of Downtown Auckland Rotary Club, never one to pass up on a new challenge, Gill is excited to have the opportunity to be part of the 'Drop The Boss' campaign and would like to extend the challenge to all the other Auckland Rotary Presidents to support her in this challenge.

This is an awesome opportunity to support the Graeme Dingle Foundation who run great programmes to inspire and support all school age children in NZ.

You can contribute to Gill through her fundraising page here.

Guy Blaikie

The Graeme Dingle Foundation is a fantastic cause supporting Kiwi kids to realise their potential and gain self-belief. Lion has partnered with Graeme Dingle Foundation for many years now and as one of our key community partners we want to support them in any way we can, and if that means throwing Guy Blaikie off the top of the Sky Tower 192 metres to the ground to raise extra funds to support them then we’ll do it!

Help us 'throw' Guy off the Sky Tower here

Steve Bennett
Southern Trust

Steve enjoys a good challenge so the opportunity to participate in Drop Your Boss was too good to pass up!!

He has a fear of heights and the fear of falling however he believes 'Unless you challenge yourself, you will never know the feeling of success.'

Please help him support this fantastic organisation by donating to the cause.

Stuart McKechnie
SM Architect

​Although I am a sole practitioner (and therefore not really a "boss"), as a Director of a small NZ business I "jumped" (or was I pushed?) at the opportunity to assist the Graeme Dingle Foundation.

I figure anything I can do to raise awareness and funds to assist NZ's youth navigate their way through their formative years has got to be a good thing. I feel privileged to be in the position I am in today. Although it was hard work getting here at times, it was - and still is - such a liberating experience to be able to become your own boss.

And this is why I've chosen to name my page "You're not the boss of me". It may be slightly defiant and a little childish, but it's nice to think of myself as being a potential role model for youth; to show them that with hard work and perseverance, you too could become your own boss.

You can support Stuart here.

Chris Wiggin & Peter Reynolds
Pinehurst School

Principal of College, Curriculum & Assessment & Year 8 Dean respectively

Chris & Peter are teachers at Pinehurst School so Drop Your Boss has become 'Drop Your Teacher".  

As a school for Year 1-13 students, Pinehurst are passionate about this cause to educate Kiwi kids in believing in themselves. They believe the Graeme Dingle Foundation is a great cause to help every young person realise they have the potential to succeed because every child should believe in themselves and feel positive about their futures.

Help send your teachers flying.

Neil Cowie
Mitre 10

Looking for revenge on the Boss? 

Want to get payback? Like throwing him off a perfectly good building? Now you can ….

Neil is extremely proud to be the CEO of Mitre 10 New Zealand and to work with a great group of people. They have a great culture as a cooperative where the big help the small and the old mentor the young. Kiwis helping Kiwis means a great deal to with this in mind, taking part in this fundraiser for such a worthy cause was a very easy choice (until he found out what he had to do!).

Help give Neil the 'push' by donating here

Angela Vale
Perpetual Guardian

Described by her colleagues at Perpetual Guardian as ‘energetic powerhouse’, this Chief Growth Officer knows a thing or two about stepping out of your comfort zone. Coming from a not-so-Disney background motivated Ange to help people realise they can do much more than they think.

As such, Graeme Dingle Foundation’s goal to have every child know ‘that what you have on the inside is greater than any obstacle’ resonates with Ange on a personal level.

Show your support here for Angela

Frankie Steel

My workplace - SAP- have been long term supporters of Graeme Dingle Foundation and I've seen first-hand the change they make in young lives. I'm taking the plunge on 9 May and stepping off the SKY TOWER to raise funds for this amazing organisation - support me today to bring confidence and self-belief for young Kiwis who really need it.

Andrew Dick

Andrew is Scottish accountant and came to New Zealand 23 years ago. He truly believes NZ is the best country in the world to live.  He watched the Sky Tower being built from his office window and always thought he would do the jump one day.  That day has now come for Andrew and he’s about to prove to himself that he can face fear and conquer it.

His best piece of advice is be the best person that you can be rather than trying to measure yourself against others. If you do this and give 100% then you’ll find it easier to be happy with the outcome.  Show your support and help him face his fear.

Kevin Hart
General Electric

All kids in NZ should have a chance to grow, develop and succeed in life and pursue their respective passions regardless of their race, religion or background. We all have different strengths and weaknesses and the Graeme Dingle Foundation helps kids realise these and delivers amazing programmes to ensure they reach their fullest potential.

Please 'give a little' to show your strong support, and I'll face one of my own biggest fears and jump!

Marc England

Genesis has been a supporter of the Graeme Dingle Foundation since 2009. Why? Because we recognised many young people living in the Waikato, a community in which we live and work, needed support. The statistics aren't great, with kids experiencing all sorts of issues from abuse, neglect, drugs, bullying - the list goes on.

Through the Graeme Dingle Foundation the journey of change for these kids has begun and as a Company we are proud to get in behind the work they are doing.

As the Chief Executive, I believe in leading by example and that's why I agreed to 'drop off' the Sky Tower, plummeting 192 metres going 85km per hour to raise funds for this great cause.

So if you want to push me out of my comfort zone and be part of ensuring Kiwi kids across New Zealand get the support they need through the Graeme Dingle Foundation - donate now!

Darren Linton

Curiosity, humility and perseverance are the key attributes I look for in my staff, which is why the work The Graeme Dingle Foundation is doing is so important.

Mentoring and helping our young people to develop critical life skills that enables them to realise their true potential is not only important but imperative to the future economic success of our country.

I’m supporting this great cause that delivers amazing proven programmes helping transform the lives of many young people. What better way to raise awareness than by challenging myself to jump off the tallest building in New Zealand. Help me 'jump' here

Paula Sadgrove
Principal - Mercer Primary School

Children are too important to ignore this fundraiser!

It takes a village to raise a child and I encourage you to do your part in this. I'll jump, you pay, seems like an easy way to make a difference. I am willing to do this as I believe in the programme Kiwi Can which, in schools, makes a huge difference to students lives. It teaches such vital skills to support kids to be successful members of the community by teaching the values of respect, integrity, resilience and positive relationships.

By you donating to my cause you helps to ensure that this programme can continue to be in schools and changing lives.

Come on, help me to help our tamariki.

Sir Graeme Dingle
Co-founder Graeme Dingle Foundation

Sir Graeme continues to inspire and motivate everyone around him with his endless energy to achieve the Foundation's vision - All young people are confident contributors to New Zealand life.

Once again he is throwing himself into the challenge - let's help him do it. 

John Bolton (JB) 
Squirrel Mortgages

JB is CEO of Squirrel Mortgages and has accepted the challenge put to him from his staff to plummet from the Sky Tower even though he has a fear of heights!

He's added a little incentive.... Just to make it more interesting, if he hits the target, (not the bulls eye at ground level - his fundraising target) JB has promised to rock up to the Sky Tower in a PINK FAIRY outfit.

Just imagine that for a minute...

Come on - lets do this

Rob Harley
Dentsu Aegis

Dentsu Aegis Network NZ staff are partnering with the Graeme Dingle Foundation this year and providing mentoring and support to some special New Zealand kids. We would like to help the Graeme Dingle Foundation one step further by fundraising much needed funds to run their incredible programs that have been designed specifically to help Kiwi kids be the best they can be, despite challenges or barriers they may be facing.

Please give a little (or a lot) now for an incredible cause. AND if we reach our target, we will strap a Go Pro to Rob to follow his jump!