Real lives, real difference

Nixon, Career Navigator Student, Manurewa High School

Nixon was on the Career Navigator programme at Manurewa High School in 2013. He now has an apprenticeship with Vision Stream. He tells us :

"I’m 18 years old. At the moment I am working for Vision Stream and I am a telecommunication technician apprentice, focusing to be an operator by the end of two years or even before that. I got involved with Career Navigator through Manurewa High while I was doing the engineering trade academy.

The difference between Career Navigator and the normal classroom is that mentors come in and help you out. You get to know a lot more things about the outside world, rather than being stuck inside. We learned what to expect in the workforce, and life skills.

The mentor I had was Sunny. He is a part of the telecommunication area of Vision Stream. So he mentored me through school. Being mentored by Sunny was awesome. He is onto this, a typical Kiwi fellow.

Ever since I’ve been involved with Career Navigator, my life is going in the right direction. And I do know people that dropped out of school not being involved with Career Navigator. They’d rather drop out of school or they finished school, just doing nothing with themselves. "

Brad Millner Career Navigator Student, Manurewa High School

Eighteen-year-old Brad Milner was the Year 13 Manurewa High School (MHS) student chosen to be the first cadet for Halls Transport, which has set up a “cadetship” for one MHS student. Based in East Tamaki, Brad now works full time as a Logistics and Distribution Trainee.

Brad is grateful to Graeme Dingle Foundation and Halls Transport for giving him the opportunity to work and thrive in such a supportive environment.Brad is often working with people two to three times his age, which has helped him develop big plans for the future.

“It’s a huge opportunity and I feel very lucky to be in this role,” says Brad. “This role has opened doors for me and I hope that other companies will offer similar roles so that other young people will have an opportunity like this.”