About Career Navigator

What is Career Navigator?

Career Navigator is a ready-for-work programme that is designed to help secondary school students in need of direction. It includes three parts; (work place mentoring, participation in experiential workshops and attendance at career options events). Career Navigator supports teenagers in their decision-making around future employment - while also providing an effective platform for employers to share real-world knowledge and offer mentoring and active learning opportunities.

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Career Navigator Research

Career Navigator:

  • Helps students gain skills and confidence in their ability to make suitable career and subject choices
  • Creates an awareness of what will be expected from students, in order for them to be successful within the workplace  
  • Offers an opportunity for employers to raise their profile and connect with future employees
  • Puts students in front of local potential employers

Why Career Navigator?

In the short term, this programme aims for students to:

  • Be more informed and confident in their option selection and career decision-making
  • Have greater awareness of what is expected of them in the workplace
  • Gain increased workplace support, knowledge and experience
  • Have increased levels of school engagement
  • Have greater connections with their community

Intermediate aims of the programme include:

  • Enhanced academic performance
  • Decreased truancy
  • Improved school resource allocation