From our Founders

Building a strong New Zealand by helping to Grow Great Kiwi Kids became our vision when we returned home in the early 90’s.  We were saddened to find that New Zealand had some of the worst youth statistics in the OECD, and we were determined to do something about it.

In 1995, with the support and guidance of many good people, we founded the Project K Trust, now known as the Graeme Dingle Foundation with the goal of maximising young people’s potential by improving their education, health and well-being.

From the beginning we believed we needed to prove that our programmes were working to bring positive change to young New Zealanders’ lives. These are still the strategic drivers of Graeme Dingle Foundation: delivering quality programmes; proving our outcomes; and working with like-minded people to build a strong network of partners. 

We use the great outdoors; fun and safe experiential learning; inspirational classroom leaders and world-class mentors to help our young people keep on track, learn good values and set goals for the future.

Through research and evaluation all our programmes show improved attitudes and behaviour; improved academic results; young people setting and achieving goals; a boost in self-confidence; reduction in truancy rates and substance abuse and young people feeling more positive about the future.

Our evaluation enables us to remain responsive and relevant to our young people, their families/whanau, school communities and the wider communities that we work with throughout New Zealand.

Graeme Dingle Foundation is an established charity and a leader in positive child and youth development.  We currently work with almost 18,000 5-18 year olds annually throughout New Zealand.  Our Licensed Community Partners deliver our programmes; Kiwi Can, Stars, Career Navigator, Project K and MYND.

We hope you enjoy reading about our work and strategies to achieve our Vision; to build a strong New Zealand by transforming young lives forever.