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"The bottom line bullying is not okay" - Kerry-Lee Dewing, Shortland Street Actor

Graeme Dingle Foundation makes a difference!

In particular, our Kiwi Can programme is helping kids from 5-12 years old to learn how to build positive relationships, make friends and strategies to help reduce bullying in their schools throughout New Zealand. Young kids learn teamwork skills, valuable life skills including respect, integrity, resilience and how to build positive relationships and other strategies to cope with some of life's challenges and bullying.  Kiwi Can helps build a can-do attitude. Download the Kiwi Can Factsheet

For $20 a month you are supporting the following programmes:

Kiwi CanStars, Project K, and Career Navigator

You will receive as a supporter :

Choice of which New Zealand region you would like to support
Our monthly newsletter so you can see the tangible difference your contribution is making
A tax receipt will be provided as donations over $5 can be tax-deductible.

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Bullying Assistance

Graeme Dingle Foundation is wanting to raise awareness around bullying in schools but we are not a helpline for kids being bullied.  If you want further info or someone to talk to you can download our Factsheet that includes organisations you can contact or click Where to get help.

Download our factsheet here

Where to get help 


Kiwi Can students learn WITS as a strategy to cope with bullying, it stands for :

W : Walk Away

I : Ignore

T : Tell Someone

S : Seek Help

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