Our Programmes

Graeme Dingle Foundation Kiwi Can Programme

Kiwi Can  (5 - 12 years)

Delivered to every child each week of their primary school life. Age + stage appropriate. Promotes respect for self, others, property, enhanced relationships, increased attendance and reduction in bullying. 

Graeme Dingle Foundation Stars Programme

Stars  (13 years with mentors aged 16 - 18)

Facilitates successful transition to high school for entire Year 9 cohort. Through team building, weekly group peer mentoring. Creates sense of belonging and positive school community. Young people stay, engage and achieve. Peer mentors develop confidence, lifelong leadership skills. 

Career Navigator  (15 - 18 years)

Assists students to become work ready and have a purposeful pathway when they leave school.  Also involves employer groups to create training and work opportunities.

Graeme Dingle Foundation Project K Programme

Project K  (14 - 15 years)

Targeted at those with low self-confidence. Arms them with a belief in their ability to set and achieve goals and find purpose and direction in their lives.

Graeme Dingle Foundation MYND Programme

MYND  (14 - 17 years)

MYND is for young males who are referred to the programme for offending. It is a highly successful ‘intervention’ programme with a proven track record of significantly reducing youth re-offending. MYND is community-based, providing mentoring, life skills​ and goal setting for these young men to put them on the right path for their future.