Annual Reports

As the Graeme Dingle Foundation celebrates over 21 years with over 200,000 kids in programmes since 19951 our vision is still to build a strong New Zealand by helping transform young lives forever.  

80% of Graeme Dingle Foundation’s national expenditure supports kids in programmes.2

Our programmes are currently delivered to nearly 24,000 young kiwis aged 5 to 18 years in 10 regions over 40 communities across New Zealand. 

Graeme Dingle Foundation supports its Community Partners with quality training, development, research, evaluation and resources such as manuals and classroom materials. 

The Growing Great Futures Report - Whakatipu Tamariki Ora report in 2012 showed that an estimated benefit to cost ratio of Graeme Dingle Foundation activities of 7.15. This implies that for every dollar invested in Graeme Dingle Foundation activities is expected to result in a long term benefit to society of $7.15.3  To put this into context, the average benefit cost ratio of a ‘road of national significance’ is estimated to be 1.8.

1. Based on the total number of annual programme participants since inception. 

2. Estimated national average – Actual programme expenses have been used for the National Support Office and for many of our Community Partner trusts, representing the largest combined costs in terms of total expenses. For the balance, typically being the smaller Community Partner trusts, a conservative estimate has been made based on our knowledge of the programme costs and their operating models. Programme expenses include direct programme costs and costs associated with supporting programmes, such as: training; programme manuals; uniforms; quality assurance; and research and evaluation. Other costs, such as: marketing; fundraising; IT; accounting; and other administration, are considered ‘Admin expenses’ and are therefore not included in programme expenses.

3. Infometrics Report – Growing Great Futures – Whakatipu Tamariki Ora found that every dollar invested in Graeme Dingle Foundation programmes results in an average long term benefit to New Zealand of an estimated $7.15.

Read the Growing Great Futures Report